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Helping to position Avon as the voice of women in the UK.
Campaign testing & pre/post advertising awareness for Google Voice Search.
Navigating and improving the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns for under-50s.

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Research Services

We believe that in a world of uncertainty and complexity, success depends on the ability to stay on the pulse of what people think, feel and do.

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Every brand needs a 360 degree view of its market and its customers. Our six practice areas can help you answer your most important questions.

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89 %
of football fans agree with the FA Chairman that the credibility of the sport is suffering enormously under the current FIFA

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Recent coverage of women's sports has increased interest in women's sports and respect for the women participating.

Sporting is...

The tube strikes may have been called off for the moment, but it appears that the unions are losing the benefit of the doubt among Londoners and commuters as...
The contentious method of gas extraction commonly known as fracking seems to be losing the benefit of the doubt from most Britons, despite the support of the...

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Opinium produces fortnightly Opinium/Observer Political Polls with the Observer newspaper and works for numerous other media outlets. Our latest results, as well as an archive of our previous results can be found here.

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