The Big Impression: January’s Top 10 Out of Home campaigns

Opinium, on behalf of Primesight, reveals the ‘Out of Home’ advertising campaigns that had the biggest impact across the UK in January.

“It’s great to see Halifax appear in the Top 10 of Primesight’s Big Impression for this month. This is a great long-term multimedia campaign from Halifax and it’s fantastic to see it receive such great OOH recall. 

One reason for the high recall is the use of celebrity. In terms of psychology, celebrity endorsement is a form of authority bias. When done well, this can work effectively as a decision-making shortcut. Dutch behavioural scientist Mirre Stallen did an experiment to show why celebrity sells. By pairing shoes visually with either a famous or non-famous woman, she demonstrated how positive feelings toward celebrities converted into positive feelings about the associated shoes. Memory recall was also better than those paired with non-celebrities. 

Another thing to note is the clever use of contrasting colours. Neuroscience demonstrates that bright, contrasting colours drive brain activity, meaning consumers are more likely to be drawn toward the creative. Leveraging consumer psychology and neuroscience is proven to make your media spend work harder, and this campaign from Halifax shows just that.”

*”100″ represents the average recall score for all measured national out of home campaigns in the tested period.

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