Body image has become an education barrier

Opinium conducted research on behalf of global children’s charity, Plan International, into how body image effects girls across the UK. The poll was based on 1000 girls aged between 14 and 21.

Looking at body image concerns, our research found that one in six girls miss school or work due to worries about their appearance, with a great majority feeling pressure to look a certain way. In the lead up to day of the girl, our research revealed that 89% of the girls interviewed felt pressure to look a certain way, whilst 25% admitted they had felt ashamed or disgusted by their body.

Looking further into how these negative associations to body image affect girls, 19% said they had avoided public speaking, whilst 9% said they had not attended an interview due to body image. A further 27% even chose not to leave the house.

These statistics highlighted the huge pressure on girls and young women that they face every day due to their body image, and how this pressure had a direct impact on their day to day lives. This, in some cases, even prevented girls to their right to an education and future.

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