Britain at Work

The hearts and minds of the British workforce

It explores their thoughts and attitudes, hopes and fears, in what is possibly the largest, and certainly the most timely attempt to understand every aspect of the working lives of Britons at work.

The respondents for the study, over 2,000 of them, come from our large 40,000 UK consumer research panel and from all walks of life, size of organisation, public vs private, etc. and robustly represents the current British workforce.


The ‘Britain at Work’ study reveals a hard working British workforce that is willing to go the extra mile. Workers recognise their company’s ethos, where their company is going and what it wants to achieve. They have good relationships with their managers and, currently, they feel relatively secure in the job.

However, workers also feel overworked and exhausted. They are under pressure and regularly work beyond their contracted hours, sacrificing valuable work life balance in the process. Additionally, workers are not entirely sure about their long term future, or indeed about their progression within the company.

51% of British workers told us that they would not recommend their organisation to others as a place to work. This is an extremely worrying piece of insight.

The study covers a total of 13 themes:

  • Pride in the Organisation
  • Organisational Ethos
  • Leadership
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Line Manager Effectiveness
  • Job Security
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Communication from CEO / MD
  • Loyalty
  • Working Environment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Personal Growth & Career Development
  • General Views on the Organisation