Britain loses £16.31 billion per year throwing unused food away

Our research for has found the average household estimates they throw away £6.84 of unused food each week, equating to £355.68 worth of food every year and a staggering £16.31 billion across the UK.

The typical household spends £53.01 on a weekly shop and £14.92 on ‘topping up’ over the course of the week even though 65% admit to buying too much food which ends up being thrown away.

Londoners are the worst offenders, wasting more than £10 of food a week on average and those from Newcastle are the most likely to throw food out (71%).

Despite this, the UK seems to be full of savvy shoppers with 56% of those questioned saying they write a list in advance so they are not tempted by extra items and 37% head straight to the clearance aisle to look for bargains.

It also found that one in seven shoppers are still happy to pay a premium for certain brands despite a reduction in pack size with tea, coffee and chocolate topping this list.

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