British women to spend over £1 billion on video games

New research conducted by Opinium for Barclays Corporate Banking’s UK Video Gamers Trends survey found women are expected to spend £1.1 billion of the anticipated £3.5 billion projected to be spent on video games and accessories within the next 12 months.


The boost in women’s spend is thought to be driven by a wider range of non-gender exclusive titles, and a substantial growth in the mobile gaming sector.


Women were also found to be more inclined to treat gaming as a solitary activity than men, 87% of women preferred gaming on mobile devices to consoles or computers, with the majority of mobile games being single-player titles, compared to 77% of men.


Mobile phones were revealed as the most popular gaming platform currently, with 53% of those surveyed playing new releases through their phone communication device, with the trend looking set to continue as close to a fifth (19%) of respondents said they were likely to spend more time playing through phones in the future. Tablets meanwhile, which run many of the same titles as mobile phones, and the more traditional platform of dedicated games consoles – were the next most popular mediums on 37%. Surprisingly, only 3% of respondents currently play games direct through TV streaming, a mode of gaming which was at one time touted as the future of the industry thanks to the rise of Netflix and Amazon Prime having taken the world of visual entertainment by storm.


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