Brits are less likely to move to the countryside as they fear slow broadband

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of uSwitch show that concerns about slow and unreliable broadband are putting many British people off from moving to the countryside.

The fear of being cut off by poor internet connection would prevent 17% – the equivalent of nine million people – from moving to the countryside. Brits cited poor broadband as the biggest disadvantage of living in rural areas, with only transport links emerging as a bigger issue.

The research revealed that nearly four out of ten (38%) of Brits who already live in rural locations, struggle with slow or unreliable broadband. The issue continues to mobile phone services with a third (34%) of people living in the countryside say their calls often cut out, and a quarter (25%) are unable to make calls at all.  

A tenth of rural areas residents said they would have thought twice about moving to their current locations if they had known about poor connectivity beforehand.

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