Enabling a leading snack brand to gain in-store preference

The Need

To maintain consumer & customer appeal, a leading UK snack brand needed to better understand how consumers navigated their product range and their key competitors; evaluate potential new products, and how best to articulate them.

Our Approach

We used an online ‘Pop-up Community’ mix of 30 existing and non-customers. The group were set daily tasks including in-store based objectives, that captured their experiences with the brand and its competitors, delivering engaging feedback content in video form. Further daily objectives included a variety of interactive tasks taking traditional qualitative techniques and applying them to the online platform, producing a rich mix of outputs for the client.

The Outcome

It delivered a range of actionable insights direct from the consumer, which are currently being shared with marketing and product teams to feed into the brand’s product growth strategy. The client also found the rich verbatims particularly useful to demonstrate value of further research to different teams within the business.