Gaining key competitor intelligence

The Need

Our client, a leading insurance provider, was looking to gain competitor intelligence on a new revolutionary product that one of their key competitors had recently launched. They were worried about the impact this would have on their brand and needed to understand  the key benefits and weaknesses in order to influence and shape future product decisions in a competitive insurance landscape.

Our Approach

We recruited 15 customers of the competitor brand into a 2–day online qualitative community. Our extensively profiled panel allowed us to reach a very niche group of customers who were renewing their policy within the next month and had received specific communications around this new policy offer.  Customers were asked to upload communication material they had received and provide feedback how this would influence their renewal behaviour.

The Outcome

Our research was used to provide key competitor intelligence and understand the potential impact on acquisition and retention. More specifically, our client used the research to make changes to their communication strategy which offset and mitigated the risk to their customer retention rates.