Global Beauty and Cosmetics Group

The Need

Our client wanted to migrate their make up range to appeal to a slightly younger woman in order to increase market share, without isolating their strong, and profitable, mature customer base.

Our Approach

We helped develop the communications and messaging to help target a new audience, and carried out a brand tracker to help the marketing teams understand the effects on brand perception. We conducted quantitative interviews with 2,000 women, providing a robust, nationally representative sample to enable detailed sub group analysis. The research highlighted where the business needed to focus in order to increase future consideration and brand desire amongst existing and potential customers of the brand.

The Outcome

The first wave of tracking showed the brand migration was working and their products were appealing to a younger audience, but there was a slight decline in appeal amongst mature users. The brand strategy was re-worked and the tracking data showed a positive up lift amongst the older consumers and most importantly the client saw a rise in market share and profits.