Attracting visitors to London

The Need

London & Partners is the Mayor of London’s official promotional company. They work to attract overseas companies, events, students and visitors to the capital, in order to build London’s reputation and create additional jobs and economic growth for the city. They were launching a new digital campaign called London’s Autumn Season to attract visitors to the city in a new season. The digital activity launched in both France and the US and they wanted to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Our Approach

We measured impressions for each element of the campaign using our cookie tracking technology. We then isolated those exposed to the campaign versus a directly comparable group of those not-exposed, to measure the impact that the campaign had on attitudes and likely visitation to London.

The Outcome

By measuring the impressions for each of the media elements we were able to identify which were most efficient. This enabled the client to refine the media strategy whilst live to deliver more impressions. The control versus exposed survey then identified creative development areas for future campaigns and showed the direct impact the campaign had on attitudes and travel behaviour for London as a destination.