Developing an ‘in-life’ noodle product

The Need

Opinium were commissioned to conduct research to understand how consumers engage with and use Itsu’s noodle pots when purchased from a supermarket and explore how they would use the ingredients if provided in new forms of packaging.

Our Approach

We used an online ‘Pop-up Community’ to set 20 non-Itsu customers tasks such as finding the noodle cups in their local supermarket, taking pictures of the pots on the shelf and of the finished product once they had made it. Participants also recorded videos of their experience cooking a full meal using ingredients sent to them in advance.

The Outcome

We were able to provide detailed feedback on the viability of offering the ingredients in new ways and provide insight into the best ways to package the products. These findings were fed directly to the product development team who have taken the learnings on board.

The sales team were also able to better understand how their products are being sold in stores and how this might be improved.