JC Decaux

The Need

Our end client, Google, wanted to understand how impactful their advertising was throughout a YouTube advertising campaign that took place on the digital billboard situated at Old Street roundabout, London. This was Google’s first campaign at the site, so understanding its effectiveness would be crucial to determining the likelihood of future investment to JC Decaux.

Our Approach

To capture the impact of the billboard advertising, we undertook face-to-face street intercept interviews amongst people in the area. The fieldwork was separated into two waves; a pre wave before the campaign was live and a post wave which was during the campaign. This would then allow us to determine how effective the advertising had been in increasing recognition and awareness of the campaign content.

The Outcome

The research indicated that the digital billboard advertisement had succeeded in increasing awareness and recognition of the YouTube channels that were being shown throughout the campaign. Since the research took place, Google have launched further campaigns on the JC Decaux digital billboards at Old Street roundabout – indicating the importance of the research to plan for future campaigns.