Monitoring engagement amongst members to strengthen relationships

The Need

Ten years since its formation, and with over 1,000 organisations signed up, our client wanted to understand current signatory satisfaction and shape the direction of the organisation for the next 10 years with input from its signatory organisations.

Our Approach

Using two online consultation surveys of the signatories we were able to provide our client with key measures of satisfaction across a number of different touch points and provide in-depth feedback on their consultation document. Opinium provided the organisation with a number of reports and presentations to their staff, board and other senior stakeholders, focussing on the data by country, size of organisation and assets under management. We also took part in workshops to align the client’s internal teams’ business plans with the research findings.

The Outcome

Our client immediately identified areas to start improving or changing. The respective internal teams have built these into their business plans for the year ahead. The senior team are also using the findings to inform their strategy for the next 10 years, including focussing on certain countries where development in required.