Piccadilly Circus – turning the lights back on

The Need

The world famous digital advertising at Piccadilly Circus in London was given a makeover during 2017 and was eventually unveiled to the capital in the Autumn. The new, cutting edge digital billboard features 7 global brands and is one of the most advanced digital screens in the world. The media owner of this site, Ocean Outdoor, wanted to both gauge live reaction to the unveiling and also explore how the display influences brand perceptions of the brands that feature.

Our Approach

We conducted vox-pops around Piccadilly Circus to gauge initial reaction and thoughts about the new digital advertising display.

We also ran quantitative face-to-face interviews with both those who had seen the advertising and those who hadn’t so we could measure the ROI for the brands that feature.

The Outcome

The vox-pops showed a hugely positive reaction, and many expressed their delight that the iconic London landmark was back for everyone to enjoy.

We also established that advertising at Piccadilly lights enhances brand perceptions of being global, high tech, fashionable and industry leaders – highlighting the benefits for brands appearing.


Click below to view the vox-pops: