Plug and play ad tracking

Opinium offers a “plug and play” templated approach to digital ad tracking, ideal for clients who need to bolt an element of tracking onto a campaign but without the time or the cost of setting up a bespoke project.

Using a proven questionnaire template which requires minimal modification as well as standard deliverables allows us to set up at short notice while still providing valuable insights.

Using cookie files and tracking pixel technology, we generate tags to be attached to each piece of campaign content, providing a live read on the reach of the campaign overall and each individual element by looking at how each tag performs.

Our model uses a research panel with thousands of opted-in participants who have downloaded the tracking pixel. A campaign with 2.5 million impressions will typically equate to 500 exposed participants.

From pre-profiled data we can see the demographic breakdown of those who have been exposed to the campaign and build a demographically identical control sample to allow for a true comparison of KPIs between the two groups to measure the initial campaign impact.