Portfolio management

The Need

Our client is a leading consumer finance provider, specialising in the UK credit card market. Their challenge was to combat the threat of cannibalisation by uniquely differentiating their three brands in a cluttered, me-too category.

Our Approach

We conducted a motivational mapping study among their credit card’s holders; in order to:

  1. Identify the key themes that drive choice
  2. Create a two dimensional map of the category’s landscape
  3. Overlay how effectively each brand delivers against the map
  4. Identify stretch areas where they could extend their brand footprint
  5. Establish untapped white space areas of the market that are open to own

The Outcome

Our client was able to identify the key motivations within the market as well as the existing strengths of each brand in their portfolio.

Using this information, they were quickly able to identify the unique positioning for their credit cards, to develop a laser-focused marketing strategy that was unique for each brand.

This has ensured that each card’s marketing strategy was consumer-designed, achievable and focused on the things that matter most to credit card consumers.