Liquid gold – how technology is changing the way we understand money

New technologies are changing not only the way we use money, but our attitudes towards it and our relationship with it.


In the US, Venmo is as much a social platform as a payments app. Young people in China can go weeks without so much as touching hard currency. In the UK, open banking standards are likely to transform the way we manage money. From the other end of the spectrum, wealthy teenage influencers on social media and platforms like Patreon are blurring the lines between social influence and monetary payment.


Rather than focusing on functional or behavioural questions, our research explores how adoption of new technologies is changing our very understanding of money.


Based on a study of 18-35 year old fintech users, our report – ‘Liquid Gold’, shares key insights on how Financial Technologies are shaping new meanings of money; its role and how it’s used:


Specifically, our research investigates some of the following questions:


  • How does mental accounting change in an age of payment and banking apps?
  • How are faster and more fluid payments systems changing social interactions?
  • How do these technologies impact the way we think about borrowing and saving?
  • How is social influence being monetised?


Based on attitudinal and behavioural analysis, the deeper user trends identified under each theme, also look set to influence the manner in which consumers engage with both FinTech and traditional finance brands.


And of course, we address the important lessons financial services brands can learn from this new world of payments.


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