Reviewing and refreshing a university’s brand

The Need

Our client, a former polytechnic university, were conducting a major brand review prior to launching a marketing campaign and needed to establish baseline metrics against which to measure progress in the coming years.

Our Approach

Opinium proposed conducting a Brand Strength Index (BSI) review, comparing the university and a list of 16 competitors on a list of core metrics as well as overall brand strength. The BSI uses factor analysis to determine the core drivers of brand strength within a category, identifying areas of over and underperformance relative to a brand’s size as well as mapping out areas of white space currently owned by no brand which our client could take ownership of.

The Outcome

Using the results, our client was able to benchmark their performance against key competitors among all types of student as well as key-influencer groups. The research allowed them to maximise their marketing spend by focusing on areas where that spend was likely to have the greatest impact rather than fruitlessly competing on areas dominated by competitors.