Standing out in a cluttered and undifferentiated sector

The Need

Achieving stand-out in the credit card sector is notoriously difficult, with all brands offering similar, complex and competing features. To achieve differentiation our client’s product needed to clearly articulate its’ unique purpose, values, proposition, positioning and behaviours. They needed Opinium to identify the most compelling brand territory from three options being considered.

Our Approach

We conducted a large quantitative study amongst existing customers and non-customers to identify each territory’s retention and acquisition potential.

  1. We statistically ranked each territory
  2. Identified the diagnostic development areas for each territory
  3. Used our highlighter tool and open questions for development guidance
  4. Identified the direct influence each territory had on brand expectations
  5. Ultimately we identified the strongest route and re-articulated it using insights from the weaker performing options

The Outcome

The communication of the brand’s territory was vital, both internally and externally. It clarified the brand’s point of difference within the organisation and galvanised the business: leading to a re-brand and new ATL marketing campaign that saw the brand enjoy double-digit growth in less than a year.