Understanding the most compelling service claim

The Need

A leading insurance brand was aware that a large group of Millennials who rented their properties didn’t have the protection of home insurance. There were a range of internal hypotheses as to the reasons why, ranging from distrust of the insurance category, to a belief that their belongings didn’t justify the expense of a policy. The brands mission to disrupt and lead the category ensured they wanted to identify a proposition that would offer this group the protection they needed.

Our Approach

We conducted large scale Quantitative research to size the group and identify their specific needs and barriers. We conducted immersive online Qualitative pop-up communities to co-create a unique and tailored proposition that would satisfy the needs of this group. Finally, we validated the most compelling proposition articulation and developed a roll-out strategy for the new product.

The Outcome

The research was crucial in validating the internal hypotheses that this group presented a valid commercial opportunity for the business. The research led to the creation of a personalised, tailored gadget insurance that offered this group the protection of insurance at an attainable cost.