Understanding the Drone Market

The Need

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), commissioned Opinium to conduct cutting edge research to understand consumers in the drone sector. With the sector having grown exponentially in 2016, it is vitally important that a responsible attitude towards drone flying is encouraged to safeguard the future of the wide aviation industry; primarily through the re-development of the ‘Dronecode’, a set of rules governing drone flight.

Our Approach

Opinium conducted a 3 phase Qualitative/Quantitative study, to understand motivations, behaviours, lifestyle and attitudes towards drone flying and responsibility.

Our approach included initial focus groups amongst drone owners, users and considerers, taking the learnings forward into a robust online survey amongst the same target audience. This validated the Qualitative findings and further explored key issues within the multi-layered sector. Finally, a second online Quantitative research phase was conducted with the UK public at large to understand wider perceptions of drones.

The Outcome

Our research was integral to the re-development of the ‘Dronecode’. It has informed the CAA’s strategy around drone responsibility, and has supported the interest of multiple stakeholders in safeguarding the future of the aviation industry. You can access the full CAA report here.