Children lashing out in class because they’re hungry

Our research for Kellogs highlighted the prevalence of a concerning issue: almost three quarters of teachers have suspected that a child has come to school hungry.

We spoke to 1,000 teachers, of which 84% have suspected a child has turned up to school hungry. 14% suspect that the child hadn’t even had a meal in the evening before. This is having adverse effects on the children’s in class behaviour. Teachers report hungry kids are disengaged (49%), distracted (45%) and sleepy (34%). Furthermore 34% of the teachers have reported violence which they believe is down to the child being hungry. Whilst 34% of teachers report having brought in food for their hungry pupils.

Kellogg’s wants to invite schools to enter their breakfast club awards to encourage schools to help every child have the best start to the day and celebrate the wonderful work many breakfast clubs across the UK and Ireland are doing.

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