Clean Air Day campaign highlights indoor air quality

Research conducted by Opinium as part of the Clean Air Day campaign found that while indoor air pollution has a significant impact on health the public are unaware of its causes and effects compared to outdoor air pollution.

Of the 2,000 UK adults surveyed only 36% were aware of the effects of indoor air pollution on their health compared to 85% who were familiar with the impact of outdoor air pollution on their health.

As such nearly half (46%) of respondents couldn’t detail any causes of indoor air pollution they were aware of. Of those that could, popular answers included burning candles and using aerosols. Despite this, 48% of UK adults say they burn candles and 53% use air fresheners to improve the ambience of their homes.

Over three quarters (77%) are also unaware that fake tan products and sun tan lotion products (66%) can contribute to indoor air pollution and have harmful effects.

Opinium have officially partnered with the Clean Air Day campaign to gather insights into the public’s knowledge and attitudes towards air pollution and help make our air cleaner and healthier for everyone. Clean Air Day is being celebrated on the 21st June 2018.

Find out more information here, or head to the official Clean Air Day website.