Communications Tribes: Snappy Socialisers

Marketers have known for years the importance of word-of-mouth in influencing our attitudes and behaviours. It’s also been clear that some people find this kind of communication more influential than others. However, the ever-increasing opportunities afforded by technology to interact with peers has made our personal connections all the more important.

Of course, face-to-face has always been the main way in which most people communicate. Telephones have been around for a century but it is easy to forget how limited this technology was for much of its existence.

The explosion of social media and messaging services means that we’re more connected than ever before, whenever and wherever. Whether it’s FaceTiming family on the other side of the world or chatting in sprawling WhatsApp groups that enable people to keep in touch with friends across the country, never before have we had quite so much contact with friends and family.

These services have not only changed how much we communicate, but how we communicate. Until just a decade ago, the closest most people came to expressing themselves visually on a day-to-day basis was through physical photo prints in photo albums. Now message threads are filled with a kaleidoscopic mix of emojis, videos, links and photos.

Our first segment – Snappy Socialisers – have embraced the opportunities afforded by new technology enthusiastically. For this female-dominated group, personal relationships are key, managing to always find time for their loved ones despite a busy lifestyle. Though they understand stats, a compelling story and personal touch are more likely to sway their decisions.

Snappy socialisers

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