Half of MS sufferers accused of being drunk or exaggerating

Research by Opinium on behalf of the MS Society, reveals that half of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have been mistakenly accused of being drunk, whilst almost half  say they’ve received comments that they are exaggerating the extent of their MS because they “look so well”.

The survey found that almost half of people with MS (45%) have experienced mistreatment or stigma because of their symptoms, with the most common experiences being accused of being drunk (49%) and exaggerating the extent of their MS because they “look so well” (47%).

Another 35% have been accused of wrongly parking in a disabled bay because they didn’t appear disabled.

Three quarters of people with MS say that living with the condition is more difficult when people treat them badly or stigmatise them because of their condition. In relation, 76% of MS sufferers believe that public awareness of the condition is low or very low.

The survey results also found that understanding family and friends can make a positive difference to those living with MS. Of people living with MS who said they were supported during a difficult incident, 63% received help from a partner, 40% from immediate family and 34% from friends. 


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