Disruptive tech saves time and convenience

On average, UK consumers are saving 2.2 hours every month

Research conducted by Opinium, on behalf of Rackspace, highlights that UK consumers are saved 2.2 hours every month thanks to disruptive technologies.

The study, commissioned by Rackspace and carried out by Opinium, says smartphone apps, desktop apps and other online tools are saving UK consumers on average, 2.2 hours every month.

The survey found that convenience (51%) and time saved (45%) was more important to UK consumers than spending less money (25%) as advantages of these apps and services.

The survey also found that over two thirds (68%) of the 2,007 UK consumers surveyed reported no loyalty to traditional brands when given the option of switching to the new wave of disruptive technologies to source products and services.

Among the factors holding consumers back from using more disruptive technologies, concerns about security (36%), data privacy (33%) and lack of space on their devices (24%) were ranked highest.

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