Two-thirds of drivers fail to check hire cars for damage before use

Recent research by Opinium on behalf of has found that when hiring a car two-thirds (63%) of motorists don’t check for damage.

The survey, which interviewed 2,047 hire car drivers, also found that only one in five (21%) of drivers taking photographs of the hire cars have found pre-existing damage on a hire care before getting behind the wheel, although only 37% check a vehicle at pick up and 21% take photographs of the hire car’s condition before driving off.

Many consumers feel unfairly treated by rental companies with over half (51%) saying that they think rental companies often charge companies for damage that was already there.

On a more encouraging note, the study also highlighted the fact that 75% think that for damage charges to be fair, rental companies should be required to get two quotes for the repair, with the same proportion agreeing that the repairs should be carried out.

You can read more about this research here.