Everyone’s Business Reputation Tracker

This week Opinium, in partnership with the CBI and Porter Novelli, has released the third wave of our annual Everyone’s Business tracker, exploring public perceptions of British business.

We’ve been measuring the UK public’s attitude towards British business since 2017. The last edition of Everyone’s Business, published in September 2018, saw business reputation fall to its lowest level since May 2017 following a series of events and scandals in the business community that had a chilling effect on business reputation. The start of 2019 has seen this reputational chill start to thaw, with three in five (60%) of UK adults feeling that business reputation is good – a 4 point increase since May 2018. We’re also seeing a more positive picture on an industry level. Every sector of the economy benefits from improved public ratings, including previously embattled sectors such as financial services, transport and construction. The key question, as ever, is what is driving this upward trend?

Find the full report below. Please get in touch with adamwilson@opinium.co.uk if you would like more information.