Family holidays on social media: Insta-envy and Insta-stress for parents

Opinium, on behalf of Groupon, reveal that two fifths (42%) of parents feel increased pressure to make holidays great for kids after looking at the holiday photos of their friends on social media.

In a similar vein, 43% of parents say they feel pressured when their child tells them about activities they have seen their friends doing on social media. Social media should be celebrated as an integral part of modern day communications, we’re now able to share precious moments we capture on holiday with friends and family, keeping much more up to date with the lives of our loved ones than we used to.

Although, as one of the many unsavoury byproducts of increased social media usage, ‘vacation envy/stress’ has hit parents hard, with just over half (54%) saying stress and anxiety mounts from the expectation of summer holidays when they approach.

On the other hand, interestingly, two thirds of parents (65%) say they are aware that people post rose-tinted versions of their lives on social media, and three fifths (59%) are sick of seeing perfect social media posts that don’t reflect what real life is like.

The survey indicates vacation envy affects most of us on social media these days, although, deep down we all know if a picture looks too perfect to be true, it normally isn’t true.

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