Firms’ reputation strengthens as Brexit intensifies debate around role of business

Our new analysis in partnership with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) & Porter Novelli has seen a rise in the number of people who believe businesses in the UK have a good reputation.

The research, comparing perceptions of businesses between May and November 2017, reveals 2 in 3 people think UK businesses have a good reputation, up 7% in 6 months.

The tracker revealed that the public are more aware of the value business provides in local communities with an increasingly vocal business community emerging in recent months.

Importantly, the improvement in business reputation has largely been driven by young people and those in work, with a significant 15% rise in positive views among 18-34 year olds. This reinforces the view that younger people are more engaged in the debate about the UK’s future, with the Brexit negotiations and a sharper political debate intensifying the focus on jobs and the economy.

The survey found that the key driver of business reputation is a sense of pride in British business. The quality of British goods and services and the global reputation of UK business were cited by the public as having the biggest impact on reputation. Members of the public are also increasingly aware of the UK as a ‘service economy’, with more people of the opinion that businesses’ biggest contribution to society are services (35%) rather than goods (31%).

The tracker shows most people have a positive relationship with their employers (67%) and highlights the importance of businesses treating their employees well, with a 9% rise in the number of people saying that this is the best way to improve business reputation (now 69%). The same principle applies to the treatment of customers too, with a 7% rise in those saying customer service is a priority when interacting with business (now 72%).

There remains however a serious challenge for business with only half of people saying they understand how a company works, and 68% believing that CEOs are out of touch with people’s lives.  82% of respondents also said a firm’s record on data security is important when choosing which businesses to buy from – a clear warning sign to businesses given recent high-profile data breaches.

You can access the full report below: