Housing costs driving out Londoners

81% in their 20s have considered quitting the capital

The cost of housing as a push factor, driving out the younger generation, is now so great that four in five (81%) Londoners in their 20s have considered potentially quitting the capital because of housing costs, and 30% have seriously thought about moving away and plan to do so to enjoy lower housing costs.

Even if they stay for the moment, once they decide to settle down many will move away from the capital, with two fifths (42%) saying that if the cost of homes stays at current levels or rises they will be less likely to raise their children in London, rising to 46% of women in their 20s. Many also said they would delay in having children.

On the flip side, 36% said that rising house prices made them more likely to decide to raise a family in the city, however, more than half of them already own a property, suggesting a widening wealth gap that pulls in some and pushes others out.

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81% in their 20s have considered quitting the capital

Opinium Research interviewed 520 Londoners in their twenties between January 7 and 14.