Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utility consumers have never been more actively engaged.

Spurred on by factors such as climate change, increasing energy prices, energy price scandals and advances in technology, once silent, they are now environmentally conscious, fully informed and demand to be involved at every stage.

We are helping clients investigate and understand a number of key strategic issues, including:

  • Will more efficient energy usage actually translate into less energy usage?
  • Do people believe in global warming?
  • Do energy customers trust our clients brand and what will make them more likely to switch?
  • Is our clients website user friendly and how does it compare to all of its competitors?
  • Will business suffer short-to-medium term cost spikes due to an increase in resources and changes to their structure, budgets and products?
  • Will Smart Meters work?

The Opinium Energy and Utilities team works for a number of different players across this diverse segment.