As the introduction of healthcare reforms edges closer, healthcare providers and suppliers are using market research to improve their understanding of healthcare consumers so they can meet their needs more effectively.

With stakeholder engagement and in depth insight at the core of a multitude of healthcare communications programmes, Opinium offers a vast national and international network of healthcare professionals, key decision makers and specific patient groups to aid media relations and inform strategic decision making.

Whether looking to gather market intelligence, test disease awareness, aid pathway to market activity, add weight to a thought leadership piece, assist issue management or gain share of voice in the market for your brand, we can advise on the best research approach for your needs.

We build a custom solution for each individual healthcare project to provide a cost and time efficient service whilst still guaranteeing the highest ethical and compliance standards based on sound methodology and full consultancy throughout the research activity.

Our specialist healthcare offering includes a variety of methodologies (online, telephone and face to face) both in the UK and globally for the following sample groups:

  • Senior healthcare decision makers
  • Healthcare professionals and carers
  • Patient groups
  • Wide range of consumer groups