Public Affairs

Opinium’s public affairs offering supports two core missions of public affairs teams and agencies around the world:


The critical “lay of the land” insights to develop and inform a public affairs and PR strategy:

  • What do key stakeholders think of your brand and industry, and what it means for your business or clients
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses
  • What do key influencers think and how can they be brought round?


Robust, independent thought leadership to open doors and help your clients make their case:

  • In-depth exploration of topical issues with expert knowledge to allow us to attack issues from new and interesting angles
  • White papers, graphics, microsites and event presentations to maximise engagement and get the most out of your research
  • Full support in ensuring that findings and conclusions can stand up to external scrutiny


Whether you are a think tank, tech start up or pharmaceutical giant, Opinium has the tools and the people to help you succeed.