Majority of adults in Wales don’t feel connected to their local community

Over half (56%) of adults in Wales do not feel well connected to or part of their local community according to new research by Opinium on behalf of The Red Cross. A similar proportion of people, 57%, said they would like to feel more connected with their local community. 

The research is part of a wider study by the charity on loneliness and social isolation across the UK. In response, The Red Cross is currently calling on people to volunteer as a way to reconnect with their local area.

The study, which polled over 4,000 UK adults, found that 72% of people in Wales are not actively involved in their local community, with over a half (55%) saying they become much less involved over time. The research highlights the growing issue of loneliness in Wales, with Wales above average for people not feeling connected to, or part of their community (56% compared to the national average of 51%).

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