Mindful spending on the rise as Black Friday looms

Though spending forecasts for this season are high, our research for Gumtree has uncovered 58% of British shoppers could ignore the Black Friday sales this year.

Despite an extended period of political uncertainty and the spectre of Brexit looming on the horizon, British consumers are forecast to spend up to £8.57 billion worth of sales across the whole Black Friday weekend. This would set Britain’s Black Friday spend at the highest in Europe.

In a nationwide survey with 2,000 adults we found that over half of adults polled (58%) indicated a willingness to ignore the sales all together; this would dent forecasted spending c. £805 million.

Just under half of those polled (45%) indicated a desire to avoid unnecessary purchases, and 26% will actively seek to spend less to avoid contributing to “mindless consumerism”.

Sustainability and climate impacts were also observed to be a growing concern amongst those polled – 9% indicated they would actively avoid the sales to further to be more sustainable.

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