North East poverty is on the rise according to our study

This week the Chancellor has promised to invest in a ‘bright future for Britain’ in Wednesday’s budget. However, our research, conducted on behalf of The Salvation Army, has revealed that 74% think family poverty in the North East is on the rise.

We asked over 2,000 people nationwide to give their opinions on rates of family poverty. It has showed that 45% believe that homelessness has increased in their community and a further 71% think there are more homeless people across the UK now than in 2012.

In comparison, 1% of participants thought the number of families with financial difficulties has gone down and 2% felt that homelessness had decreased.

According to The Salvation Army and other charities, there is an increasing demand for food banks and other support for more families each year. This appears to be in line with the general observations of those surveyed.

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