Office canteens need tech injection to boost customer experience

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of the digital technology provider Preoday and the loyalty marketing platform Yoyo has identified a potential gap in the workplace canteen market that technology could potentially help fill.

One in seven (14%) of 18-34-year olds get lunch from their staff canteen every day while 21% of the 2,000 workers sampled get lunch from their staff canteen two to four times a week.

With 40% simply using their lunch break to get more work done and 15% grabbing more food and heading back to their desk, speed and value for money are key to providing a successful workplace canteen experience. In fact, 24% say they are putt off visiting their work canteen because it takes too long to queue while 21% feel there is no value for money.

However, over half (57%) say they would visit their work canteen more if it had a loyalty scheme that offered them personalised offers or deals based on their past purchases, increasing to 77% among 18-34-year olds. A further 26% say they would visit more if they could pre-order their lunch and pick it up without queuing. However only 15% say their workplace canteen offers a loyalty scheme while 17% are able to pre-order their lunch.

Technology could help answer this demand for speed and convenience to improve the overall experience and increase footfall into work canteens.

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