Optimism levels riding high for the 2019 financial year

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Vouchercodes shows over three in five Brits are feeling positive about their personal finances for the coming year.

The poll conducted between the 28th of December and the 2nd of January reflects a cautious optimism for the coming 2019 financial year. Over three in five (62%) say they feel confident about their personal finances, and a further 29% believe their outlook will actually improve this year.

In a similar 2018 poll, Brits said they were planning to save £233 per month over the course of the year – and this has increased by 7% to £250 this year.

Brits are planning to prioritise spending on experiences over material possessions (24%), aiming to spend less on meals out, expensive groceries and socialising in bars, and more on holidays (38%) and paying off personal debts (16%).

Although, the story is not completely one-sided. Just over a quarter (27%) believe their finances will worsen in 2019, citing rises in food prices (60%), anxiety over household bills (56%) and uncertainty over Brexit (50%) as the main causes for concern.

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