Over a third are deterred from using apps due to security concerns

British mobile users are showing reluctance to download apps due to data protection worries.

Opinium Research was commissioned by Rackspace to look into consumers’ views on apps, revealing that over a third (36%) of consumers are deterred from using apps due to security concerns.

A further 33% are concerned about the privacy of their data when using apps, rising to 37% among the older generation. App reliability is the other big concern with over a quarter (26%) of consumers being prevented from doing something important due to the failure of an app.

On the bright side for the app industry, despite the hesitancy of consumers, Brits are saving 2.2 hours per month by using apps and online services. The biggest perceived benefits of using apps and online services are convenience (51%) and time saving (45%), which are seen as more important than spending less money (25%)

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