Parking rage

Homeowners protect their car park spaces

Parking rage is on the rise according to some of the latest research by Opinium for Privilege car insurance, with some drivers getting so angry they vandalise ‘offending’ vehicles, let down tyres or even call in the police.

The research shows some people are so angered by having their space ‘stolen’ by another driver, despite having waited for it to become free, that they have deliberately scratched the offending vehicle or let down the tyres as an act of revenge.

Other public car park antics that wind drivers up are cars that park across two bays, or too close to one side, and seemingly spotting an empty space only to find a small car already there which sends one in five drivers over the edge.

Many also admit to spying on their neighbours to ensure they do not park in the space outside their home, with some householders putting out cones or wheelie bins to protect ‘their’ parking spaces. Many even admit to leaving notes on windscreens or arguing directly with drivers.

Of those questioned in the survey, more one in ten admitted to feeling ‘ill at ease’ in their home when they know someone could park in their space outside. Six out of ten believe it is a right that they should be able to park outside their own home. A similar proportion admit to ‘curtain twitching’ when they feel their space might be taken.

Dubbing these people ‘NIMPS’ – for ‘not in my parking space’ – the report shows that the thing which most irritates people is witnessing someone blocking in their car (64%), followed by