Passports, poor preparation and palaver!

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance reveals 1.4 million holidaymakers have at some point forgotten their passport before leaving the UK.

For the unorganised among us, the run up to a holiday abroad can be quite a stressful period. In the rush to get everything ready, 1.4 million holidaymakers admit to forgetting their crucial travel documents, with a higher proportion more likely to check their holiday destination weather than the location of their passport a week before they travel (64% vs 52% respectively).

On the same note of unpreparedness, a further 2.7 million people have seen a dream holiday finish before it even starts when they miss their outbound flight. And for those who do make it to their destination, a concerning 2.3 million admit they have gone away without any travel insurance, leaving them at risk of paying a hefty price for medical treatment abroad or replacing stolen items.

In cases like this, it’s good to refer to one of my favourite acronyms ‘PPPPP’ – the quintuple P – ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance’. Over a third (36%) like to do as much online preparation as possible before a holiday and nearly one in ten (8%) holidaymakers chill out through means of meditation to combat travel stress.

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