Poor Communications Costs UK Companies

Research by Opinium on behalf of Mitel has found that substandard communications costs businesses approximately £8,000 per employee a year. For a company of 500 employees this costs up to £4m annually.

Potentially helpful communication tools appear to be underused with just 9% of respondents interacting with them regularly. UK workers spend on average 43 hours at work per week and more than two-thirds of their workday communicating and collaborating, yet waste nearly an entire day each week on inefficient working practices. 

Furthermore employees lose on average 20% of their workday writing and responding to emails, yet 80% believe it is still an efficient form of communications. When workers correspond with others, 80% under the age of 30 prefer use of the telephone at work. Compared to 44% of workers over 40 choose to email over all other methods of communicating.


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