Brand Strength Index

The Opinium Brand Strength Index (BSI) combines category specific analysis with brand level recommendations. Building on the attributes that make strong brands, Opinium helps clients understand the brand perceptions that drive category usage and then how to leverage that to build successful brands.


The Opinium Brand Strength Index (BSI)  is a one number summary of four key metrics that our research and experience has proven make brands successful. Every category is different and the importance of Connection, Distinction, Prominence and Dynamism will change, which is why the BSI is weighted to what drives success in each individual category.



Performance in each metric can then be analysed through regression, factor and profiling analysis to ultimately deliver a 360 degree view of brand performance allowing us to advise our clients on the best ways to maintain their strengths and address their weaknesses.

The BSI correlates highly with market share and brand growth. Meaning that our clients can have confidence that our insights and recommendations will lead to real-world impacts for their business.

In Practice

Delivering an emotional connection is crucial in the Supermarket category, something that given it’s market leader positioning, Tesco does not perform that well on.



The factors that drive connection in this category are “Commitment”, “ease of shopping”, “value”, and “rewarding loyalty”. “Commitment” has the strongest influence on consumer emotional connection. Tesco is under performing on 3 out the 4 attributes that underpin Commitment, highlighting areas that the brand needs to improve perceptions on emotional connection which ultimately will aid improved market performance.