Conception Phase


To take multiple ideas through to:

Concept screening – Evaluate a large number of ideas to create a short list of ‘winning’ candidates, based on appeal, potential uptake, sustainability, market viability etc.

Concept development Refine concepts – e.g. features, benefits and communication

Concept testing – Quantify consumer opinion of smaller number of concepts on key metrics: appeal, comprehension, market and brand suitability, propensity to use/purchase. Identify key market segments for winning concepts in terms of potential take-up.

Our expertise

Opinium uses the most appropriate approaches and tools for each stage of the Conception phase. Here are some of the methods we commonly use to help our clients.


Detailed and robust evaluation of concepts on multiple relevant measures such appeal, comprehension, market and brand suitability, as well as propensity to use/purchase.

  • Segment level insight from your own customers and the wider market to narrow market and understand where greatest opportunities are
  • Insight led further development of concepts for Validation phase 
  • Outline of relative pricing structure, e.g. luxury, mid-range, value 


Next we’ll provide a final round of thorough end user testing, to give you the complete confidence to make a Go/No Go Launch Decision.

Explore our approach in more detail using the interactive wheel below: