Ideation Phase


The identification and development of ideas into viable concepts.

  • maximize the chances of spotting successful ideas
  • minimize the chances of missing good ideas
  • Launch happens quickly and efficiently, maximising market opportunity and competitive advantage

We achieve these objectives by utilising a wide range of different research methodologies, either in isolation or in a joined up holistic approach, according to the project needs. 

Our expertise

Our research and insight team comprises highly skilled insight professionals, experienced at engaging with different internal and external stakeholder groups

Central to any ideation stage is an Ideation day bringing together all the people that matter – your designers, your users and other experts.

Motivational Mapping allows us to understand key motivations behind brand choice in order to identify untapped areas with market potential.

Additionally, we have a number of other techniques to help drive the ideation process.


  • Refined short list of broad concepts ready to take through to the Conception phase 
  • In-depth insight and buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups
  • Uncover underlying motivations and factors that influence service use and/or purchase

Real understanding of what services/products will address unmet needs to either increase pleasure or decrease pain of the consumer experience.


Next we’ll screen, develop and test. Explore our approach in more detail using the interactive wheel below: