Validation Phase


To provide a final round of thorough end user testing, to give you the complete confidence to make a Go/No Go Launch decision.

This phase is used to optimise the proposition in all key areas including product/service features, price points, communications and distribution channels.

Opinium provides validation at three alternative levels, depending upon how finalised the available testing materials are and the degree of confidence you require:

  • Proposition testing (when most elements of the product mix are available)
  • Full mix testing (when all elements are available including ‘working’ product/service)
  • Simulated test market (when the product/service is market ready and can be sold in store/online)

Our Expertise

Opinium employs a full range of quantitative techniques to provide robust data in relation to each product concept. For Proposition and Full Mix Testing the focus is on evaluating the service or product amongst a robust and representative sample of your potential buyers and users.

We ensure that each element of the product/service mix is properly judged by the target market – product/service features, price, promotion/communications and likely channels. In this way we can optimise each aspect and maximize the chances of market success.

Our techniques include:

    • Van Westendorp PSM approach: identify key price points
    • Conjoint/trade-off techniques: to understand the relationship between different elements of the mix, by enabling us to understand how buyers make purchase choices and trade-off service features/benefits relative to price
    • Max-Diff: provides insights into which features are rated more highly
    • TURF approach: if launching a range of services or variant, this approach will tell you which combination is likely to give you the highest market penetration and volume
    • Simulated test market: Opinium can work with retailers to ensure that we select representative sets of control and test stores to measure the sales performance of the product

Of course, we will collect key metrics such as appeal, uniqueness, understanding, imagery and expected usage and purchase. In addition, we can check that you will be stealing share from your competitors and not cannibalising your own brands.


  • Clear advice and recommendations for market launch
  • Advice on market launch strategy
  • Robust recommendations on optimising all key elements of the brand mix


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