Measure performance

Strengthen your long-term customer relationships with the Relationship Pathway Model

Opinium’s Relationship Pathway Model (RPM) takes into account the whole customer journey to pin point critical moments and touchpoints that drive your customer engagement. 

Advantages of our approach:

  • Can be combined with NPS to gain deeper understand of what drives your NPS score
  • Takes into account the whole customer journey to identify critical moments and touchpoints
  • Applicable across all audiences and segments to allow for benchmarking within your business and the category
  • Pin points areas of strengths as well as opportunities to prioritise for improvement
  • Allows the organisation to effectively set and mange KPIs
  • Easily integrate your customer data and segmentation for added insight

Improve critical customer moments

In the moment quantitative surveys allow you to improve critical customer moments to:

  • Capture responses as close to the moment of interaction as possible and present immediate insights into the business
  • Short simple surveys for better quality data which can be easily integrated into other elements of the customer experience programme
  • Modular to deep dive on business issues to keep the study fresh and relevant
  • Red flag management system

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