Why providing jobs is the top driver of business reputation

Research conducted by Opinium, on behalf of CBI and Porter Novelli, asks what actions would most improve the reputation of UK business. The latest instalment, to showcase the business community’s contribution to UK society, shows that treating employees well is the best way for companies to improve the reputation of businesses.

The top response for what would improve the reputation is for businesses to ‘treat their employees well’ (69%), followed by ‘being transparent about tax’ (56%), ‘transparent product sourcing’ (46%) and ‘engage with the public’ (46%).

In another question, when the public were asked ‘What is the most important contribution business should make to UK society?’, those surveyed put ‘providing jobs’ a long way ahead of others, with ‘paying taxes’ a far off second.

Even though this is the case, when asked about the biggest contribution that their company makes people become far more likely to talk about the services they provide, rather than the jobs.

Read more here about how the report shows an improvement in public opinions of business between the research from the first survey last spring, and October’s polling for last week’s release.